ICS COE (Center of Excellence) has proved to be one of state of Art training centre which produced hundreds of unsung heroes in the facilities and imparting skills to them. IOT enabled tracking of washrooms and dustbins has proven to be a friend to every housekeeping member employed resulting in less rounds to check the chocked up Urinals or WC’s and Dustbins.

To reduce the work load of janitors ICS has implemented IOT based tracking of washrooms and Dustbins.

House Keeping Services

We @ICS provide housekeeping services which come with a varied amount of expertise across different facilities. Housekeepers are inducted and go through a rigorous training at our Center of Excellence where they learn how to maintain different types of facilities I.e. Floors, mirrors, wooden articles, Different areas within the facility.

We are ISO TQM certified company which fulfills the customer’s demand of Qualified and hygienically immaculate cleaning. High standards are therefore implemented to maintain the facility’s reputation. Housekeeping Services include Dust and dirt removal, waste disposal, Cleaning of Stairways, Floors, etc.


Improves productivity

(tools and materials will
be easy to find)

More effective
use of space

Reduced slip and
trip hazards

lower worker exposures to
hazardous substances

Carpet Shampoo

We have seen many a time that after vacuuming carpets still the dust particles and dirt is leftover and the stains of spills are not removed after spot cleaning also. The effective way of Cleaning a carpet is Carpet shampooing, We follow different types of Shampooing methods to get the pleasing and elegant look of carpet to its original color depending on the consumers requirement.

@ICS we manufacture in house Carpet shampoo tested and quality checked as per the benchmarked standards of ICS.

Improved indoor air quality

Pleasing and
better impression

Eliminating carpet

carpet’s life

Façade Cleaning

The first impression is the best impression we often listen and have faced in our lives also. So is with the business if Façade is the only thing visible to any visitor or passerby. Maintaining a clean façade is quite difficult as it faces ravages of environment such as rain, heat, dust, pollution etc, which also reduces the life span of building materials. Leave this head ache to the professional services of ICS and we ensure a sparkling clean façade at the end of the day.

Health and safety of the workers during the operations is one of the crucial steps and we adhere to this based on OSHA standards ensuring 100% safety of the worker.

Increased value
of Building

Increased life
of property

Attract more people
(I.e. clients and visitors).

Flawless glasses around work place are a cool setting that results to employees’ productivity and efficiency.

Post Construction cleaning

Even after spending months for fabrications and constructions, the final master piece won’t be ready according to your vision until heaps of dusts are cleared. Sign up for ICS post-construction clean up to get rid of the debris and the dust at your property and get it ready for hand over /move in.

At ICS, our teams go above-and-beyond cleaning service expectations to do the job quickly and effectively. We work as an extension to your arm to make your property look its best. Using environmentally responsible products for cleaning, our services are fully bonded and secured.

We @ICS provide you hassle free service. We clean the mess up and dispose the waste generated on site as per local rules and regulations. We provide instant service and the experts gives you rest from tiresome work providing you the opportunity of doing real job.

We also clean the premises with a wide variety of chemicals thus increasing the life span of the building materials and decreasing the possibility of Indoor Air Quality pollution.

Effortless cleaning

Proper recycling

Get the job done quickly

Damage free
professional service

Waste disposal
according to regulations.

Pest Control

Unwanted Plants, Animals, Insects and Bugs within facility cause diseases and spread of communicable diseases and also damages property. To avoid such breeding and spread of uninvited insects our highly experienced staff renders our services. We @ICS provide you pest control services of household pests (including but not limited to rodents, vermin and insects) and wood-destroying pests and organisms or such other pests which may invade households.

Time and Flexibility

Reduced health hazards

Less Risk

Save Money

Mechanical and Electrical Services

Any interruption in service’s in the facilities is a night mare for the occupants, Business owners etc, as it results in loss of huge revenue within a short span of time. We @ICS provide support those responsible to operate facilities at peak efficiency of hard facility maintenance services. The size of the facility doesn’t matter let it be a single building or a cluster of buildings or skyscrapers, Commercial or residential, Industrial or Hotel we provide reliable MEP Services maintenance for planned works and PPM.


Uninterrupted Service

Cost efficiency

Preventive Maintenance

Real time monitoring

Fault detection
and diagnosis

Security & Surveillance

Life and property loss due to Burglary, Terror activities or human errors has been a matter of concern for many facilities. These losses cannot be compensated for a very vast period of time if it is loss of life it can’t be compensated at all. We @ICS take the responsibility of you and your belongings against any type of Human error or accidents which may affect the facility.


Safe and Secure


Visitors Data
at fingertips

Track on both immovable
and movable properties.


Safe and Secure


Visitors Data
at fingertips

Track on both immovable
and movable properties.

KST (Kicthen Stewarding)

The Kitchen Steward is required to maintain the kitchen and surrounding areas in a clean and sanitary manner by following the cleaning schedules and adhering to the Health & Hygiene Regulations and Company policy and procedures. We provide trained KST for the maintenance of kitchens which is a integral part of the facility.

We @ ICS manufacture our own housekeeping equipment’s ergonomically which increases the productivity of our staff at your esteemed premises. To get the desired cleaning results we also manufacture Cleaning chemicals(Ixora Chemicals) for various surfaces and are eco friendly which doesn’t release any gaseous vapors’ when it comes into contact with different surfaces.

ICS COE (Center of Excellence) has proved to be one of state of Art training centre which produced hundreds of unsung heroes in the facilities and imparting skills to them.

Garbage Disposal

Maintains all the
kitchen ware

Neat and clean Kitchen

Cost effective


We understand that a little assistance can ease up your busy day at times. The Concierge team of ICS provides administrative and support solutions to make your life easier, personally and professionally. Though our offerings for concierge services aren’t limited, some of the main areas we offer support are,

Transportation Services

Business Referral Service

Reception   Mailroom

We @ICS have trained professionals who withhold several years of expertise in the domain of Support staff. We know how important it is for you to be able to rely on a flexible and committed supplier that you can trust to provide an excellent service every time. We are dependable, innovative, and dedicated, and so are the operatives we provide to work with you.

Our personnel bring high-quality service and hospitality to your office and reception area and are responsible for:

Receiving and guiding guests to appropriate meeting rooms

Looking after the reception and surrounding area

Answering and routing phone calls

Courier Management