ICS has developed in-house proprietary and patented systems which are light on the nose. Our range of products include Waste Management System (Black Hole), Building scanning & asset tagging. As organizations move toward outsourcing FM services, our modern facility management system includes functionality for contracting services and monitoring agreed quality, budgets, and performances

Advantage of Blackhole

• It eradicates all septic/poisonous substances (Example, contagious substances like virus and bacteria)

• The residue remains is Ceramic ash, this ceramic ash which can be used in the brick making industry and land filling.

• Unique equipment which uses plasmic heat decomposition method, without using electricity, fuel or oil.

• Reduces the volume of input waste by 1/200 - 1/300 times the waste fed into the BlackHole™

• Flame - less nature which does not burn the waste, despite dumping material such as plastic, vinyl and other material.

• No secondary combustion equipment is needed.

• Unique Wet scrubber and activated carbon filters prevent any poisonous gases from being released into the atmosphere.

• Helps prevent Air, Soil and Ground Water by NOT having the need for Land-F ills.

• The duration for decomposition depends on the ratio of moisture in the MSW. It is recommended to maintain moisture levels in the MSW at less than 40% for better efficiency.

• As compared to the incinerators which operate on high temperatures and require an input energy source and secondary combustion system, the Blackhole requires no such energy source.

Architectural and Structural details of a construction are very important for building operations and maintenance. Especially during renovations or expansions. This may become quite a challenge for facility management if there are no drawings/ maps for the building information. So, ICS offers scanning services where we capture the existing conditions of the site or structure and create a data-accurate digital reference of the same using advanced CAD software.

We present 3D visualization of MEP elements to predict the clashes between the components to avoid wastage of time and money during formation. The Virtual model of the building is web-enabled and adds certainty for analytics. Our scanned as-built documentations are done with non-destructive methods and are highly accurate.

Our data specialists provide space and material analytics in various formats as per the clients’ requirements and usability. Our reports are detailed and accurate. We shall add high definition CCTV installation at the facility to enable real-time monitoring.

High Resolution CCTV

IR & Video Analytics

Image Analytics

Behaviour Analysis
& Alerts

Space Management

Speed & Accuracy

Asset Tagging

Tagging and tracking ‘things’ is crucial in Facility Management to assign duties to the staff and monitoring the life cycle of the assets. Our new age CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) is tailor-made to keep an eye on the assets, their geographical location and performance; based on the client’s requirement. All the possessions will be connected to LPS (Local Positioning System), a machine-readable tagging to ensure the security and performance.

Along with safety, Asset Management is important to improve the efficiency of the machine ecosystem and simplify the inventory maintenance. The whole process starts with scanning the devices and tagging them; but the subsequent control system will be automated and web-enabled.

Our automated data transmission platforms acquire data from the virtual inventories, keep the records up to date and spot-check inventory variances in real-time. Our Asset Management services cover,

  • Maintain a database of fixed assets and inventory
  • Tracking movement of commercial and employee-issued assets or inventory
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax filing and tax appeals
  • Financial accounting
  • Theft deterrence and recovery
  • Preventative maintenance tracking
  • Asset replacement scheduling


Computers & Peripheral's

BIM Based Models


Movable & Fixed

Indoor Mapping

Energy Management & Monitoring Systems

While we operate in a hyper-connected eco system, deficiency of any routine may affect the others and frequent monitoring & management is the only way to regulate it. ICS creates an EMS (Energy Management System) to monitor, measure, control and optimize the operational and transmission performance of the systems. It controls the MEP elements and HVAC devices across multiple locations and report the energy usage of each segment of the equipment.

Our EMS is intended to optimize the process and aid taking well-informed decisions and attain energy efficiency. The cloud-based control centre of the system provides ability to remotely control the energy utilities, gather detailed and instantaneous data from each section of the equipment. The IoT empowered infrastructure aids energy planning and procurement within a corporation. The well-architected & scalable utility monitoring system optimizes the whole energy usage, supply and procurement across the sites; subsequently enhance the system operations and company profits.

Our Energy Monitoring Control Centre is responsible for,

  • Configuring alarms/notifications for instant notifications
  • Billing features for landlords to monitor individual tenant usage & apply associated costs
  • System status reports using predefined templates or client specific customizations
  • Analysing and auditing electrical network using access system of Web portal


Measurement & Optimization
at UNIT level

BIM Based models


Dashboards for
Unit Level Consumption

GIS & Sensor Based

We offer tailored, systematic, tech-enabled Fleet Management services for organizations to enable them to accomplish administration tasks Irrespective of the size of the fleet, our experts provide efficient and cost-effect management programs to achieve complete control over the taskforce.

Our personnel and cutting-edge feel management software avoids unforeseen functional distractions, operational expenses and downtimes while increasing vehicle serviceability, equipment availability, warranty recovery and ensuring regulatory compliance. We can connect all the vehicles and their machinery through a cloud computing for a transparent assistance.

Our fleet management programs come with many impressive features including,

  • Complete vehicle equipment life-cycle management
  • Robust work order functionality
  • Technician certification and training management
  • Purchasing and parts inventory management
  • Seamless, real-time integration with Asset Works Fuel Focus fuel management system
  • Standard reports with customization setups
  • Real Time
    GPS Tracking

  • Geo Fencing

  • Real-time
    Fuel Consumption

  • Remote Engine

  • Driver Scoring

  • Repair &

  • Navigation

  • Traffic
    Congestion Reporting

  • Route

  • Smart Dispatch

  • Route History

  • Asset Utilization

The Managed Print Services are determined to conduct a thorough and forthright assessment to examine the current printing infrastructure of companies and provide a central administration point to save money and improve productivity. Irrespective of the size of the company, it is crucial to implement an effective Print Management System to gain visibility and control over the system. The control system will monitor the shared printers on a connected network as well as the printing queues.

The central monitoring system will regularize the paper usage and strengthens the data security in group printer networks. Implementing our Print Management System will improve the environmental sustainability and document security. Crucial aspects of print management that help boost performance are:

  • Controlling paper consumption to regulate the usage according to either employee or department allotment permissions
  • Employing Energy Efficiency to encourage the business and make smart recommendations on fresh equipment procurement
  • Printer Fleet Synchronisation to connect all the printers & position them on same network for a greater control of overall print spend
  • Remote Monitoring of equipment or parts in the printer fleet i.e., toner, ink, & cartridges to know before they are empty

Site Audit
Data Point

Site Audit